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We don’t just get you funds, we help build your dream and make your business successful.


When running a business, it’s important to have access to working capital. But if you need more capital than you have cash-on-hand, a common action is to apply for a business loan. Unfortunately, the bank will most likely turn down your application if your business is just starting out. This is because the bank doesn’t believe in your business the way you do. They want proof on paper that your business is succeeding. A better option for your business is to seek working capital from Tiger Funding. Our business funding products include several options tailored specifically to small businesses like yours. Merchant Cash Advance (MCA), Merchant Capital, and Merchant Funding are just some of the types of funding products available to our small business clients.

Small business funding is not a loan.

Tiger Funding offers fast working capital that allows a business to have cash-on-hand without going through the lengthy process of bank and credit applications. It is a quick capital infusion based on the health of a company and it’s future profit potential, not heavily on a credit score.

We believe in your business

When you own a business, you’re sure to have unforeseen cost and expenses arise from time to time. If you do not have the capital on hand when encountering these barriers, it can halt your business. Moving forward with an opportunity should not depend solely on your credit score. Having a trusted funding partner who believes in your business as much as you do is the solution.

Our Tiger Funding Experts

Robinson Bernard

Customer Support and Sales Associate

Robinson has been recognized for his skills as a Client advocate. He has 5 years of experience working directly with Clients and is very well organized.

Daniel Rodriguez

Inside Sales Representative

Formerly one of the top 100 Sales Representatives at Chase, Daniel is an award winning sales professional that previously held series 6 and insurance licenses and holds his M.S. in Finance from Pace University.

Barbara Torrez

Customer Support and Sales Associate

Barbra has an extensive history in customer service and always puts her clients first. She enjoys seeing her clients thrive. Barbara holds a BA from Miami International University.

Ricardo Munoz

Customer Support and Sales Associate

Ricardo is an experienced sales associate that has been publicly recognized for his artistic ability. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Audio Production.

Our Core Values

Our achievements are the result of a shared commitment to our core values. Below are the values that propel both your business and ours to great success.


We value our team, our customers, our partners and all associates. Because of this, we don't just provide you with funding, we provide people with a way to succeed.


A community is made up of people, their interactions and the relationships that form there. We believe in strengthening our communities by investing in them.


Everything changes in a blink of an eye in a technological world. This is why we are hyper focused on trends and how they affect everyone connected to our organization.


We all want to succeed, but in order to do so, we must have solid relationships. Trust is the foundation of all relationships and is the glue that holds everything together.


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